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The Hawaii Open Data Project is an initiative to make ostensibly public information more freely available. This wiki page serves as a preliminary index of such data. Eventually the various sections should be broken out into separate pages.


City and County of Honolulu

Department of Education

Department of Human Resources Development

Hawaii State Judiciary

Hawaii State Legislature

House of Representatives


  • 2009-10 Senator and Senate Staff Salary
  • Administrative and Financial Manual of the Senate (2009-2010)
    • PDF - The section on Employee Classification, which begins on page 23 of the document (page 31 of the pdf), describes staff positions.
  • 2009 Senate Rules
    • PDF - Includes a description of the duties of the Senate officers (Clerk, Asst. Clerk, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Asst. Sergeant-at-Arms (page 3 of the document; page 8 of the pdf).

University of Hawaii

The Doug White Project

Doug White of Poinography has catalogued and published records, memoranda, telephone logs, office visitors, incoming communication and outgoing communication concerning bills passed during the 2009 Regular Legislative Session.


Here's a list of links to helpful resources and authoritative sources of public records in Hawaii.

Public record source links based on a blog post by Ian Lind.


The padlock icons are displayed by the wiki software to indicate that the destination of the link is a HTTPS secure server. Obviously, the documents linked can nonetheless be freely accessed and downloaded.

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