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The premise of a radio station's programming, "For the people, by the people", was the dream of NORM WINTER. Though the station launched in June 1, 1991 from a shack in Waipahu, the dream was brewing under the black beret Norm sported over fifteen years earlier.

Norm's life history would make for great reading though what you should know is the man is a fan of vinyl and music in general. He and his late wife CINDY LAU were partners in a local record/book/games/card store called JELLY'S. It began humbly enough in the corner of a light fixture shop on the corner of Keeaumoku and Kapiolani in Honolulu in the 1980's. Later, it would move to 404 Piikoi; two more shops opened (then closed) at the Pearl Kai Shopping Center and in Mililani.

The idea of having listeners vote for the music they wanted to hear on the radio was tried out as a weekend countdown on a couple of stations before finding a home on 102.7FM/KDEO-Waipahu. Norm believed that people actually cared about the music they heard on the radio and if given the chance it would revolutionize the airwaves!

From the beginning, the on-air staff was a hodge podge talented personalities - on and off the dial. To name all who were on 102.7FM from June 1991 through 1996 (1997?) in any kind of chrolnological order would be tough though here are a few:

Tom "The Sentinel" Williams, "Sheriff Norm" Winters, Sandra "Sandy O" Okazaki, Tim "Dave O'Day" Pagan, Butch Helemano, Mohammad "Mad Moh" Rouf (with producer Shawn "Speedy" Lopes), Cheyenne, Don Lips Fujiyama, Solana "Pinky Passion" Rehne, Kathy "w/a K" Nakagawa, Peter "P-Bass" Vidito, Kenneth "The Bone Machine" Flynn, DJ Eric "Syze of One's Mind" Okamura, DJ Daniel J. Ward, DJ Kevin "24-K" Koga, Byron "The Fur" Furukawa with Tiff, Kimo "The Baldhead at the Controls", Caraigh "with a G-H" Clarkson, Daniel "Deputy Dan" Siedlecki, Kainani "Just Kai" Han, Tracy "Capricorn Flowers", news with Lilly Yamachika, Tim "Flower Punk"...(more to be added).

Loads of Guest Dj's, those who requested on their ballots to BE A GUEST DJ! got an hour to program their favorite songs with the dj of their choice. Not everyone got their first choice though we did do our best to accomodate everyone.

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